WebGL – 3D-Online-Product-Configurators

Interactive 3D solutions for the web – Product Changes Based on Customer Input

We offer you…

  • 3D online product configurators based on WebGL
  • 3D product and process visualization in WebGL
  • interactive 3D trade show presentations
  • 3D animation for product animations
  • porting of 2D editors on SVG-BASIS in WebGL
  • all solutions can also be used offline if desired

We controll following techniques in WebGL:

  • animation
  • real-time projection in 2D and 3D on all imaginable forms
  • exchange of materials and components
  • optimization and creation of all types of 3D models
  • photorealistic representation of objects

The plugin-free 3D-Realtime presentations for the web is reality (3D-real-time representation).

WebGL is the abbreviation for Web Graphics Library and is a component of modern webbrowser. Without additional extensions, hardware-accelerated 3D graphics can now be displayed directly in the browser. On the website caniuse.com you can see the current development status.

We are currently developing WebGL solutions for several companies, including the presentation of new products on the Internet, intranet, trade fairs and in the form of online configurators.

Since all major providers of browsers have firmly implemented the WebGL interface, also successively for mobile solutions, this technology will become standard in the coming years. Wherever 3D real-time depictions are relevant and cost-efficient, the implementation will take place via WebGL, since there is finally a uniform standard that is optimally integrated into the current HTML5 development.

Here are some videos of our current project with Stliamo GmbH:

DEMO Online Configurator of a KUKA® Industrial Robot

What can WebGL do?

  • plugin-free display of 3D content
  • seamless integration into websites
  • photorealistic representation
  • play animations
  • select predefined default views
  • latest shader technologies

WebGL applications:

  • 3D representation on the web (online and offline)
  • 3D online configurators
  • animation of function sequences (eg explosions)
  • on- and offline presentations
  • 3D Realtime Solutions with WebGL and 3D-PDF for websites, trade fairs and company-internal processes

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